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Pertandingan Ratu Montel Israel

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Last week, the Israeli city of Beersheba was the next competition, “the lush beauties.” The competition was attended by the girls in the weight category of 80 to 120 pounds. The winner was 22-year-old Vered Fisher of Meytara.

A. In the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva for over twenty years held a beauty contest called “Miss thick and beautiful.” This year’s competition attracted two dozen young girls.

2.Pobeditelnitsey unusual competition was Vered Fisher. It was not just a title, but a diamond ring and a contract with a modeling agency.

Three. 22-year-old winner weighs 90 kilograms.

4. When the editor of the Negev weekly “Kol-Bee” Yossi Amar suggested, along with the usual beauty contest to a contest among the lush beauties, few people believed that girls who are already shy of its completeness, would agree to get up on stage.

Five. But the cute girl in the uncomplexed and Israel were found.

6. The news of the Israeli Rubens forms soon sunk into the European and American media, and the fifth contest of the “thick and beautiful,” broadcast TV channels Sky News and CNN.

7. Traditionally, competition fatties in Beer-Sheva held simultaneously with the normal competition “Miss Negev.”

Eight. At the time, as 20 girls from Jerusalem, Ashdod, Afula, Hadera and other cities, argued that the extra weight does not spoil the beauty, 16 “Cut” beauties competed for the usual “crown.” This year, participants of the two competitions were divided among themselves backstage area of ​​the Palace of Youth.

9. In the 25 years since the first competition of the “thick and beautiful,” its basic rules are not changed.

10. As Yossi Amar, founder of the contest, was himself a religious person, he advocated “for modesty and chastity,” and asked his assistant to show maximum respect for the participants.

11. In particular, so as not to confuse the beauties of the program of the show has been removed for such a regular competitions in swimsuit competition.

12. Rubens beauties take the stage in sporting and elegant clothes, as well as evening attire.


14. Competition donuts this year was especially important also because it prohibited the use in the Knesset in Israel, conducted advertising campaigns models with unhealthy thinness.

15. The authors of this of the bill are convinced that the is too skinny the model are served a bad example is the younger generation, and the impose on to society an incorrect ideal of the of feminine beauty. Opss video dibawah 18sx ok


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