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Gambar Kehidupan Hitler Dari Kecil Hingga Dewasa (part2)

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Gambar Kehidupan Hitler Dari Kecil Hingga Dewasa (part2)

At a rally in honor of the returning Condor Legion in Spain. June 6, 1939.

On board the ship Robert Ley, which was released on its maiden voyage.

Hitler was a guest at the table at his residence in Obersalzberg. 1939

During lunch on the front line. 1940

In Paris. 1940

At the Christmas feast with the German generals. 1941

“Friend of Children.”

Hitler Emmy and Edda Goring. 1940 Emmy Göring – German actress, second wife of Hermann Goering. Since then the German chancellor and Reichsprdsident Adolf Hitler’s wife was not, Emmy Goering tacitly regarded as the “first lady” of Germany and as well as trying to play the same role as Magda Goebbels led various charitable actions.

“A friend of beasts.”

Hitler and Eva Braun with his Scottish terriers.

Also, Hitler was a shepherd Blondi.

Reading the morning press.

Hitler and Eva Braun. 1943

Hitler, Goering and Guderian discuss the Ardennes operation. October 1944

Hitler comes to visit one of the officers, as well as he, the victim of a failed assassination attempt on him July 20, 1944. After the assassination attempt, Hitler was not able to stay on my feet all day, because of the leg was removed more than 100 pieces. In addition, he had dislocated his right hand, singed hair on his head and damaged eardrums. On the right ear is temporarily deaf. He ordered the execution of the conspirators to transform into a humiliating punishment, to shoot a film and photograph. Later, he personally watched this movie.

Hitler and Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. Poland, July 25, 1944

Reich Marshal Goering, Hitler gives a picture of Hans Makart “lady with a falcon” (1880). And Hitler and Goering were passionate collectors of art: a collection of Hitler in 1945 consisted of 6755 paintings, a collection of Goering – 1375. Pictures were acquired (including at low prices with threats) agents, working for Hitler and Goering were transferred as a gift to approximate, were confiscated from museums of German-occupied countries. Disputes over the legal status of some of the paintings from the collections of the former leaders of Nazi Germany are so far.

One of the last pictures of Hitler. The Fuhrer in the garden of the Reich Chancellery awards the young members of the Hitler Youth Brigade, mobilized to defend Berlin.

According to the official version, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30, after slaying his beloved dog Blondi. In Soviet historiography of the established view that Hitler took poison (potassium cyanide, like most of the Nazis committed suicide), but, according to eyewitnesses, he shot himself. There is also a version according to which Hitler took in his mouth and saw through a vial of poison, simultaneously shot himself with a gun (applying, thus, both instruments of death).

According to witnesses from among the staff, even before Hitler gave the order to bring out of the garage with gasoline cans (for the destruction of bodies). April 30, after dinner, Hitler said goodbye to the persons of his entourage and, after shaking hands with them, along with Eva Braun retired to his apartment, where soon there was a sound of the shot. Shortly after 15 hours and 15 minutes of Hitler’s servant Heinz Linge, accompanied by his adjutant, Otto Gyunshe, Goebbels, Bormann and Axman, entered the apartment Fuhrer.

Dead Hitler was sitting on the couch, on the temple he has blurred the bloodstain. Nearby lay Eva Braun, with no visible external damage. Gyunshe Ling and wrapped the body of Hitler’s army blanket and carried in the Reich Chancellery garden, after it carried the body of Eve. Corpses placed near the entrance to the bunker, doused with gasoline and burned. In the photo: a burnt corpse of Hitler on the expertise held by Soviet specialists.

Photomontage FBI, made in 1945 in the event that if Hitler tries to escape by changing appearance.

There are a number of conspiracy theories claiming that Hitler committed suicide, and fled. According to the most popular version, the Fuhrer and Eva Braun, leaving his place of twins, disappeared in South America, where he lived happily under false names to old age. In the photo, allegedly captured 75-year-old Hitler was on his deathbed:

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