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Detik-Detik Kematian Sukarelawan (24 photos)

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Detik-Detik Kematian Sukarelawan (24 photos)

Out of curiosity, Zhejiang province freelance photographer Jiang He (pseudonym) happened to capture in his sights Dalian firefighter Zhang Liang in the ocean participating in the [oil] cleanup. Jiang He says, “[I] didn’t imagine that he would die.” 334 seconds, 47 photographs later, the only thing remaining in the lens of Jiang He’s camera from on high was a black hand slowly sinking into the ocean

While Greenpeace was at Dalian investigating the oil leak situation, photographer Jiang He by chance captured Dalian firefighter Zhang He participating in the cleanup efforts in the ocean, and recorded the final moments of Zhang He’s sacrificed life.

The two firefighters are cleaning a water pump in the ocean.

Zhang Liang uses effort to cut a rope line between the floating pump and a fishing boat.

Zhang Liang and Han Xiaoxiong continually enter the water to clean the litter in the pump.

Zhang Liang throws away his knife.

Zhang Liang uses his finger to point towards deeper water, signaling to push the floatng pump out to deeper waters.

Zhang Liang appears to have been strongly pushed by someone, his entire person separated from the floating pump.

Zhang Liang separated from the floating pump.

The two firmly “stuck” to the jet-black ocean surface by the oil.

The two sinking deeper and deeper.

Half of Zhang Liang’s face has been swallowed by the oil.

Half of Zhang Liang’s face has been swallowed by the oil, his eyes tightly shut, grimacing.

Zhang Liang’s grimacing.

A soldier wearing camouflage with his arms outstretched.

Zheng Zhanhong uses his momentum from jumping into the water, using his hands to swim through the black oil.

Zheng Zhanhong using his hands to swim through the black oil.

Zhang Liang’s head completely sinks below the layer of oil.

Han Xiaoxiong tightly grips Zhang Liang’s black hand.

Han Xiaoxiong raises Zhang Liang’s hand out of the water surface.

This black hand begins to slowly sink.

Han Xiaoxiong tries to pull Zhang Liang up again.

Zhang Liang’s hand sinks into the ocean.

The two struggle to swim towards the small boat in the thick oil.

Zheng Zhanhong and Han Xiaoxiong follow the current and climb onto the fishing boat.

Boarding the small boat.

Helping Han Xiaoxiong board the boat.

The two men, completely covered in oil, frantically scream into the black oil.

Completely covered in oil.

Anxious people on the shore.

Completely covered in oil.

The little boat heads towards the shore.

The little boat reaches the shore.

Rescuing the unconscious Han Xiaoxiong.

Han Xiaoxiong rescued onto shore.

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