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Akhirnya TV3 Kena Denda RM50,000 Kerana Iklan Raya (0ver kreatif)

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Akhirnya TV3 Kena Denda RM50,000 Kerana Iklan Raya (0ver kreatif)

Iklan Hari Raya TV3 yang hangat diperkatakan menghina dan memalukan islam telah diambil tindakan.MCMC telah selesai menyiasat dan mendenda RM50,000 denda maksimum.TV3 sebelum ini menyiarkan iklan tersebut beberapa hari sebelum Hari Raya.Bantahan orang ramai menyebabkan iklan tersebut diganti dgn iklan lama.

TV3 fined RM50,000 for humiliating and insulting Islam

TV3 has been slapped with the maximum RM50,000 compound for its controversial Hari Raya advertisement Sinari Lebaran as it had “humiliated and insulted” Islam.
Information, Communication and Culture Deputy Minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum, in his reply to a question from Zulkifli Noordin (Ind-Kulim-Bandar Baru) during Question Time in Parliament this morning, confirmed that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had completed its investigation of complaints made against the advertisement under section 206(3) of the MCMC Act and had decided to slap the television station with the maximum compound.

“In reference to the case, which was said to have insulted and humiliated Islam, TV3’s Sinari Lebaran, I would like to state here that MCMC has completed its investigation and has decided to fine TV3 with the maximum compound of RM50,000 under the Act,” he told the House.
TV3 took the advertisement off the air just before Hari Raya following objections from several Muslim groups who complained that it contained elements of Christmas in it and was degrading to Islam.
The advertisement showed an avuncular white-haired man taking children to a fantasy land on a flying trishaw, which bore much resemblance to Santa Claus and his reindeer-powered sleigh.

TV3’s news anchors apologised during their prime-time news broadcast and the commercial was axed.
In his question today, Zulkifli said the advertisement was an insult and degrading to Islam.
In a supplementary question later, the MP also asked why the government had failed to take action against controversial rapper Wee Meng Chee, more popularly known as “Namewee”, for his vulgar video clips.
The pint-sized politician raised eyebrows in the House when he even moved to recite the lyrics in Namewee’s latest video “Nah!” where he slammed the two school principals who had allegedly uttered racial slurs.
“What is the rationale behind the failure to take action against Namewee. He insulted Islam and degraded Islam.

“[Namewee said] ‘four-letter word’ racism, the Education Ministry ‘kurang ajar’, Siti Inshah sucks banana,” he recited to the House.
Zulkifli said Namewee had also shown rude hand gestures and vulgar pictures.
“These are the actions of a chauvinist who just three years ago made the ‘Negarakuku’ video clip. He seems to be taking advantage of this leniency. He also did the ‘four-letter word’ TNB Malaysia clip.
“I fail to understand why no action was taken. If this is not curbed, it will bring a negative effect on the country’s harmony,” he said.
Joseph denied that the MCMC had failed to take action in the matter, and pointed out that the body had no prosecution powers and could only refer its investigation to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.
“MCMC can only investigate and bring the issue to the A-G’s Chambers. MCMC has no power to bring the case to court. But you cannot say that the ministry does not do anything. We always take action,” he said.
He added that in Namewee’s case, he was confident that the A-G had taken into consideration all aspects of the investigation before deciding not to charge the man.


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Article   3 Comments
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