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50 Ubahsuai Pc Kreatif Dan Terbaik

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PC users build their own systems according to their needs and budget. As every PC user has his/her own personality, each tends to imprint it onto their systems. There are people that build up their systems, trying to get the most out of those fancy components. However, unlike regular PC users, the modding fans are a bunch of ingenious dudes who like to customize their systems to fit their personality and lifestyle. Computers come in many different flavours, but apparently that ain’t enough for everybody. Case modding -the modification of a computer chassis- has become a big hobby for thousands of enthusiasts around the world. Meet some of the best PC Case Mods we’ve seen.

The Microwave PC

What does it look like? That’s right – a microwave oven. It was built for the CES 2003 and I guess they have just ripped the interior of the microwave and replaced it with PC components. Looks cool though.

Half-Life 2 PC case mod

Half-Life 2 cool-designed custom PC is fitted with a water cooling system and three fans to keep the air circulation going cool when the gaming on their gets real hot. The inner space here in the orange and silver transparent exterior looks filled with real stuff.

Biomech 500 Case Mod

Magnus Persson created this amazing PC case mod, which features an AMD Opteron 185 2.6GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of Corsair XMS Xper RAM, 4 x Western Digital 150GB Raptor-X gaming edition HDDs, a PNY GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB graphics module, and an external Plextor PX-716UFL DVD burner.

Motorcycle PC

This is a chopper-based system case featuring an ingenious design. This one is built into a 2/3 scale real bike frame, painted with fiery schemes and accessorized with various cool stuff. This case even has a motorcycle seat and license plate adorning the rear side. The power supply unit goes right under the seat and the front panel includes a key start to turn on the system, with additional slot load drives and a handy media card reader. The processing power inside such a modded case perfectly matches the aggressive design: AMD AM2 FX62 CPU, Swiftech Apogee watercooler, two NV78 GPU waterblocks cooling two 7900GTXs in SLI and, on top of that, a PhysX card. This is what I call a hot rod PC rig.

Sweclockers Case Mod

Swedish-modder Micke Gustafsson shows off his latest creation, the “Sweclockers Case”. At first glance, this case looks to be something straight out of a horror movie, but it’s actually a fully functional computer.

Scorpion PC case mod

Super cool Sting Scorpion PC case mod is a work of ingenious brilliance by Frankie. the Scorpion PC mod features circuit boards, old hard drives and UV light to glow and achieve this insane (if I may say, taking nothing away however) creation of sorts. Designed for a case competition, the mod along with the PCB boards also has a few cellphone motor bits drilled to fabricate this brilliant PC case mod based on a scorpion.

“UAL737″ Case Mod

One of the most creative case mods we’ve seen, “UAL737″ was modeled after a Boeing 737 jet, complete with United Airlines graphics. On the inside, you’ll find an AMD FX55 processor, NVIDIA 7800GT graphics, 1GB RAM, 280GB Western Digital HDDs in RAID,

TIE Fighter

TIE Fighter took the first place on the Science Fiction Case Mod Contest. It is made by David Barry which maybe will blew you away. This one presents two things at the same time, the PC and the desk. Pretty cool and of course enough geek to be on this list.

ION Cube PC Case Mod

ION-based glowing casemod is built by Bill Owen of Mnpctech for mod design contest. The ION Cube as Owen calls this case is made using the ZONTAC ION mini-ITC 330 platform and is so finely done both internally and externally. sing aluminum and laser cut green transparent cast acrylic for the exterior, the ION Cube features spider-like fan blades within. The cube can produce crisp picture @ 1080p HDMI, which would be beneficial in case you’re planning an HTPC, click here for more details and how you could build one like this, that’s an outcome of over a 100 hours of labor.


I guess that this PC case doesn’t need any introduction or too many details as Digg is one of the most renowned social media websites. The Digg PC case is made of 0.5? medium density fiberboard (MDF) and a few acrylic windows and also, the Digg logo looks great on blue. Although there are many other inspiration sources, the designer got his idea from the Digg community.

Windows XP box mod

I lay my eyes on an awkward Windows XP box mod. Right, so if your system is running on Windows XP Professional, why shouldn’t your system case be the OS product box itself? The guy who pulled this mod off used a Nehemiah EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX motherboard to fit the 243mm x 200mm x 48mm box. Also included is an internal CD drive, which was quite hard to accommodate. The components had to perfectly fit a custom-made metal frame, which was integrated inside the box in order to prevent any fire-related issues. A rather minimalist approach, to sum it up.

Doom 3 inspired PC case mod

A Russian modder who’s taken a leaf from Doom 3 and has created his own hell-defining PC case mod. Built with the rawest look possible wearing the Doom 3-styled yellow paint on the finished exterior, and AMD64 Sempron 2600 + CPU, Geforce 6600GT graphics card and ASRock K8NF4G-SATA2 drive within, the crazy mod is completed with a chainsaw on the top, but does that complete it?

Pyramid HTPC case mod

Modder Gup turns the Egyptian Pyramids into entities of fiction with his rather illusionary, beyond the thought Pyramid case mods. Inspired by Stargate this Pyramid HTPC casemod is stuffed in with a an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo processor, Mini-Itx Crommel LV-677 motherboard, 2GB of DDR2 Ram and a 160GB hard drive. Luring the better gamers with the Gforce 9400GT graphics card, the Gup’s Pyramid HTPC casemod also features a LCD display and moving side panel with built in lights controlled by the remote attached.

The Coffin PC

The ancient Egyptians believed the items buried with a person could be taken with them into the afterlife; a theory which will be proven if the guy who built this thing manages to update his Twitter after he’s buried. At the very least being able to play a few rounds of Far Cry 2 on the casket would liven up the usual funeral proceedings.

“24″-inspired Case Mod

Peter from Bit-Tech decided to create a PC case based on the popular TV show “24″ — resembling a weapon of mass destruction aka atomic bomb. Features include a large dot matrix LED display, water cooling, custom built double radiator, and a concealed

The R2D2 PC

You saw this one coming, didn’t you? Of course someone has built a replica of R2D2 and fitted a computer inside. It looks nice too. But I guess that this one won’t impress the girls – as if any of these case mods would. Hehe, sorry all you case modders! I Don’t mean to offend anyone here. Check out the CD/DVD-roms drives. Awesome.


One of the most interesting cases which I ever saw. The interesting thing is that this Bender Case Mode is made by scratch and it took 4-5 months to Jan and his friends. Maybe someone will prefer better case with more details but this one for sure is made with love and a lots of creativity.

Battlefield 2142 PC Case Mod

Oliver Konig, aka Butterkneter, is one of Germany’s top modders. He teamed up with Electronic Arts to produce a mod based on Battlefield 2142 multiplayer game.

Russian Wall E PC mod

Well, I got to hand it to the Russians on this occasion for it is the closest a Wall E mod can ever get! The modder took 18 days to get this mod ready which precisely explains why he came this close to replicating the original. The mod is designed to open its optical drive without any external help. The icing on the cake could be to a load a Ben Burke voiceover for then, nothing would differentiate it from the original.

Honorable Mention – Boss FX-57 Case Mod

Tech-Daddy from TBCS has just about completed his Boss FX-57 case mod — inspired by the 1969 Boss 302 Mustang. It features an AMD Athlon FX-57 processor, 1GB (2 x 512MB) of Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory, dual 256MB GeForce 6800 GT video cards, and an ECS KN1 Extreme motherboard.

NES Controller PC Case Mod

Retro Gas Pump

This PC case was made from a John Deere Gas Pump toy and it sure is crazy because when you pull up the gas pump the gas costs only 19 cents per gallon. The gas pump handle has the privilege to be the power button, push it forward and the John Deere Gas Pump PC is on.

Lego PC

I give you the LEGO PC case! Made up of tiny LEGO blocks, this case deserves a creativity award right away. It has room for a DVD-ROM drive, a floppy drive (who needs such things these days?), a vertical motherboard with integrated peripherals, one HDD, two system coolers and a PSU on top. I wonder if those plastic blocks can take the resulting heat and provide a good airflow inside the enclosure.

Orac Computer Case

This looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. The clear case reveals organized chaos of entangled wiring and LED light strips.

The Desk PC Case Mod

The Desk PC case mod by Will Urbina, is cool Case Mod, featuring an actual PC inside the desk, and all the components can be seen through the Plexiglas which acts as the desktop. The Desk has built a separate enclosure to house all his hard drives.

Hulk PC

One of the most famous strip heroes now is also one of the most famous PC case mods. This is Hulk PC case mod created by Chris Blarsky. It is done with a lots of creativity, as you can see wires looks like important part of the shape. I’m asking is it strong inside as Hulk is or it has some medium configuration.

Toilet PC

The author of this “work of art” took the vital components of his PC and managed to accommodate them into a $9 child’s training toilet from Wal-Mart. I think the guy exaggerated a bit, depicting too much leaking brown stuff on the seat and the sides. There is an orange biohazard paint job on the lid, which really goes well with the over spilling brownish mass. Inside the toilet seat we find an ASUS CUSI-FX FlexATX small-factor motherboard, which has built-in video, LAN NIC, sound and even two PCI slots. I guess a toilet PC is not really meant to include high-end, blazing fast components. It’s all in the name.

AMD Phenom PC case mod

The AMD Phenom PC case mod by the Bill Owen is a case mod which opens up in all directions and is illuminated to perfection. This unique creation is a must watch for all interested in modding. Phenom truly seems to be the most ambitious PC mod we have seen in a while.

Hamster Playground PC Case

This clever computer case mod combines the power of computing with the power of the hamster wheel to create a one-of-a-kind rodent paradise.

Kratos PC case mod

Kratos PC case mod pays homage to Sony’s God of War franchise. There isn’t any info as to what the mod has within, and the casemod isn’t outrightly gripping as the modder would have wanted it. But all in all, it is as intimidating as he’d wished us to see.

The Lego Mac

When you look through thousands of different case mods, you start wondering why nearly all modded cases is based on a PC. Is the Apple computer a natural beuty? Anyway, it was refreshing to see this Lego Macintosh. It was created back in 1997 out of a damaged Apple PowerBook 5300.

Guitar Pc

Take a look at a guitar case. We are talking about a real acoustic guitar, cut and trimmed in order to accommodate a small-factor motherboard, a windowed CD-ROM mod with stealth door, a pair of creative I-Trigue 3300 speakers as well as a sound activated blue cathode lighting interior. The system also provides remote control operation for power up and CD-ROM eject. A really cool case to suit any audiophile interior.

Gingerbread PC

This one looks really good. Too bad you can’t eat the parts though (hardboard) except for the candy decoration of course. If it wasn’t christmas season this one probably wouldn’t have got this far up the list. But hey, it’s a really cool case mod, and it’s soon christmas so here it is.

The Miss Kanna PC

This one was built for a magazine in the spring of 2004 and is some sort of manga figure. But why do you have to see the panties? There’s something with this manga culture that I don’t understand, but this case mod is extremely well put together, and yes, it’s WEIRD!

Battlestar Galactica PC Case Mod

Brian Carter, aka Boddaker, has created this beautiful Battlestar Galactica PC case mod. Not only that, but the keyboard and monitor are also modded in the same style to complement it.

Steam Punk Computer Case Mod

Who would have ever dreamed of turning an old vintage Steam Punk into a cool case mod? Well, obviously one geek did and it turned out to be a nice and unusual PC case. The stunning piece of functional work-water-cooled steampunk PC (Two parts water, one part coolant, and one part guts are all it takes to water-cool your PC). Water conducts heat far better than air, and you don’t have to be a turbogeek to perform the conversion.

The Wallcrawler

Compared to some other case modifications, this got a quite radical design. All parts are fitted on the outside of a cabinet and it’s purpose is just to be a practical design since the user of the PC alternate between different hard drives on a daily basis.

Liquid cooled PC case mod

Built by editors at Popular Mechanics this extravagant PC mod is a quad-core beast loaded with just the kind of pricey hardware you’d expect from such a flamboyant mod. It stuffs 4GB of Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM, a GeForce GTX 280 graphics card, two 300GB, 10,000RPM VelociRaptor HDDs, and an Antex kilowatt power supply—all centered around an 3.0 Intel Core 2 Quad processor. The structure of the desk is made up of two massive panels of acrylic, bolted to a custom-built aluminum frame. A glycol liquid cooling system snakes through the whole of the machine and it has a custom-built Synaptics touchpad built on the top.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

WMD is short for Weapon of Mass Destruction, and that’s exactly what this project is all about. Even though it’s not completely finished yet, the build of this bomb is very impressive. But why have a PC that looks like an atomic bomb? Because you can I guess.

Underwood Typewriter Case Mod

Typewriters might be considered the dinosaur of the computer geek of the 21st century, but once-upon-a-time typewriters were the most relied upon piece of office equipment in the world. It’s nice to see that some geeks still find typewriters useful, even if only to gut them out to build a vintage looking computer case.


It`s so weird – in a lovely way. Hehe. It was custom built for Intel to show off their Pentium 4 processors at the E3 2002. The external power supply is a treasure chest really cool!!

The Gingerbread PC

From the same creator as the Cyberpumpkin comes this really neat gingerbread PC. This one looks really good. Too bad you can’t eat the parts though (hardboard) except for the candy decoration of course. If it wasn’t christmas season this one probably wouldn’t have got this far up the list. But hey, it’s a really cool case mod.

Whiskey bottle PC case

PC in a Bottle by Jason Marton is a working brain of his PC inside a 1.5 liter Ballantine’s bottle. It features a 3.5″ SBC board, Intel P3 733EB processor, 256MB notebook RAM, 40GB notebook HDD, 60W mini-ITX PSU and 44-pin mini-IDE cables inside. The guy deserves some accolades for the intoxicating creativity that he’s shown in hacking a PC inside a whiskey bottle.

Optimus Prime PC Case Mod

Transformers inspired PC case mod is 6 feet 10 inches tall, transforms into a smaller desktop mode, has a seven-inch LCD display on its body, two windows on its chest, Autobot symbols, and even has storage compartments on the legs to hold your mouse and keyboard.

FIFA “07 Computer Case Mod

Foosball anyone! This multipurpose computer mod incorporates a miniature Foosball table (mounted on top) with the confidence of computing. Now, this is what I call a real computer game.

Porsche wheel PC case mod

Porsche wheel is creativity materialized into a wheel PC mod, first of its kind that one cannot envision even in a wild dream. Featuring an 18″ disc from Porsche Cayenne as a shell and an attached acrylic disc brake strip-sponsor nVidia, the wheel PC comes with silencer turned liquid cooling iron and decorative chrome entourage. The design may look weird to some, but after considering the unconventional ‘PC mod,’ you’ll surely give a second thought before disposing off your ragged vehicle wheels.

The Y2K bug

The surface of this bug is outstanding. It sure has been polished a couple of times. But why is this one ranked so high in this list. I’ll tell you. It took 6 months to build. That’s weird. You can find some Quicktime movies at the end of the work log.

Beer Dispenser PC Case Mod

Geeks and drinking beer does not mix, because drinking one to many types of stouts can cause the monster geek to come out. Gutting a perfectly good computer system to transform it into a beer keg and tap is madness, pure madness I tell you. The bar is open; just serve your own yourself.

Dreamcast PC Case Mod

This unique PC case mod features Sony NEC Blu-ray drive, AMD mini-ITX mainboard with 780G Chipset and ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, HDMI output, 4GB RAM and 160GB storage.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. PC case mod

German teenager going by the name of FrooP (oh yeah!) displays his PC mod christened Unit 4, which is inspired by FPS S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. His model is a facsimile of the melted reactor at Chernobyl. As detailed and sweet it is from the outside, open it up and the meltdown is shown in all its glory inside. Replete with glowing things and painted stuff, it might look like an art or science project but it is actually a fully functional PC. Full marks for creativity and lest we forget there’s more of game in this mod than visible at first glance.


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