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Koleksi Gambar Lutut Artis Yang Seksi

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 Koleksi Gambar Lutut Artis Yang Seksi..
Lutut Neelofa yang paling mulus dan cantik antara ramai-ramai artis.Dibawah ini lengkap gambar lutut-lutut artis.Jadi Pada peminat buntut   lutut artis boleh la usha bawah ni.Dah sampai bawah jangan marah pulak

Celebrity knees give out

Almost all stars were under the surgeon’s knife to make yourself younger. But there is one place that gives young ladies – it’s knees. Now surgeons do surgery on her knees, removing sagging skin, but it does not help much.

Observers of British tabloid Daily Mail, making rating of the most terrible and most beautiful star-shaped legs.

42-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones: The face of the actress looks perfect, but when she put on a mini-skirt, as age-related skin changes became apparent.

When the Oscars Angelina Jolie put in a dress cut his right leg, the entire planet had the excitement. And with good reason: the 37-year-old star has shown perfectly smooth with delicate knees, as a baby’s skin.

Eva Longoria really cares about her figure: the actress is sitting on a strict diet. The result of impact on the legs: now boasts actress bony knees.

54-year-old Sharon Stone amazes her unfading beauty and youthfulness. Not long ago, the actress has even appeared a young boyfriend, who fit into her sons – 27-year-old Argentinian male model Mick Martin. On the face of Sharon’s virtually no wrinkles, but my knees still give out the real age of the star.

Tom Cruise’s wife Katie Holmes just 33 years old, but already on her knees you can see the first age-related changes. Do not decorate the legs of actress and scarred with bruises, as well as scaly patches of skin.

At the time, Elle Macpherson was nicknamed The body – the body. Today, the 48-year-old fashion model looks stunning, spending a lot of time on the beach. However, age and ultrfiolet doing their job, covering the beautiful legs models visible wrinkles.

Coeval McPherson – Hollywood actress Courtney Cox – admits that she is a real “fitness junkie”. The star spends in the gym for several hours, trying to maintain your body in shape. And she did it – for his age Courteney looks great. It was only my knees give out, that the star is under 50.

44-year-old Nicole Kidman seems to have uncovered the secret of eternal youth: her legs are perfect, as in the early years. Nicole is very protects the skin and almost never tans. But it can safely wear a mini skirt.

Jennifer Aniston in his 43 looks like a young girl. And only on my knees can guess that the star is 40. Although Jen for her age in great shape.

Time has not spared the 54-year-old Melanie Griffith: numerous plastic surgeries could not hide their age, which only emphasized the alcohol and drugs. And now let the husband Antonio Banderas has got rid of bad habits, and sober as a judge, her beauty will not return.

According to rumors in recent years, the 48-year-old Demi Moore has spent nearly 400,000 dollars on plastic surgery. A fraction of that amount came to his knees and stars – in 7000 dollars for each leg. The actress made the lifting of the skin on my knees, but it is clear that the operation did not help.

Although Kate Moss and ranks second in the ranking of the most vysokoopalchivaemyh models of the planet, earning of 9.5 million dollars a year, her body is far from ideal. For example – my knees. However, they are not alone: ​​when the model is sunbathing on the beach, paparazzi now and then remove the cellulite on the British model’s ass. The reason for that – love Kate to drink (especially beer and whiskey) and late dinners.







Ni haa.. Lutut Neelofa.. gambar yang paling atas tu lutut lelaki..korang x nampak ker ..kasar bkn main..hehe


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