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10 Artis Yang Kantoi Gambar Tengah Skandal

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10 Artis Yang Kantoi Gambar Tengah Skandal

Artis-artis ini kantoi berbogel dan gambar ini dipercayai terakam ketika mereka mabuk.Ada yang dirakam paparazi dan ada juga yang disebarkan oleh orang yang tidak menyukainya.Apapun tak semua gambar ini sesuai dipaparkan disini.sila ke sumber

10. Paris Hilton

This one only comes in at number ten because, well, it’s Paris Hilton and I’m not sure anyone was really all that surprised when news broke that there was a sex tape of her with ex, Rick Solomon. To be honest, the sex tape was actually pretty hot, but by the time her phone was hacked and more pictures came to light – even considering the fact that there was a woman involved – the world more or less collectively yawned.

9. Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane

I’m not sure this crazy tape could be considered a sex tape as there is no actual sex involved, but there’s plenty of nudity and enough references to sex to be certain some funny business took place when the cameras stopped rolling. I was a little disappointed by this one. Rebecca’s a gorgeous woman. Eric’s a gorgeous man.

8. Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Boy, remember when this thing came out? Holy cow. So much drama. This sex tape staring Kim Kardashian and Brandy’s little brother, Ray J was all anyone could talk about. It’s really what got people talking about ‘the butt’ and put her name on everyone’s lips. Is the sex tape what launched her career? Maybe not – but it definitely didn’t hurt it.

7. Kendra Wilkinson

The real shock of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape wasn’t really that she had made one but that she seemed so against it getting out there. I mean, honestly, she was a stripper. She’s been in Playboy and the tape itself was hot, hot, hot. In all honesty, Kendra’s sex tape was one of the sexiest celebrity sex tapes I’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps that was the most shocking thing. I think Kendra could really have a career in hardcore pornography if the whole reality star thing doesn’t work out for her.

6. Kristin Davis

Charlotte from Sex and the City has a sex tape? Well, it’s not exactly a sex tape but it’s pretty darn close. Apparently shot in 1992 with her then boyfriend, the pictures show a naked Kristin getting up to all sorts of naughty behavior. From a little oral to the actual act itself, Kristin’s ex released these pictures because he was angry at her over… well, who cares. Pretty classy guy, right? The shocker here wasn’t that these pictures hit the internet. The shocker was that they were the real deal and her people admitted it.

5. Rob Lowe

The Rob Lowe sex tape has largely been forgotten, but as the first celebrity sex tape I really remember hearing about, I felt the need to include it on this list and let’s be honest – this one was scandalous even by today’s standards. Two girls (and maybe a guy? I can’t remember) one of whom was underage. A lawsuit. A stint in rehab. This sex tape story had everything. Rob took some time away and bounced back, though. Serious kudos to him for that.

4. Vanessa Williams

The first African American woman to get the crown. A short time later, Penthouse magazine published nude photos of the beauty queen taken years earlier and brought her reign to an early end. Interesting side note – Playboy refused to publish the pictures because of the embarrassment such an action would cause her, especially considering her position as the first African American Miss America winner. Classy act on the part of Mr. Hugh Hefner – not so much on the part of Bob Guccione of Penthouse.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

The Disney queen bared it all in a series of cell phone pictures taken via a mirror never intending for those photos to see the light of day. They were intended for her boyfriend, she claimed, but a hacker got their hands on them and they hit the internet. After a second and third leak, Vanessa admitted they were all from the same series of photos and that legal action would be taken. Alas, that action came too late and the damage to the young starlet’s reputation was done.

2. Montana Fishburne

This, for me, was the single most shocking celebrity sex tape of all time. Not because some major celebrity got caught with their pants down as, well, I had no idea Montana Fishburne existed until the tape came out, but because she wanted the sex tape to come in. She wanted to be a star and chose to go the Kim Kardashian route instead of, you know, mastering a craft and working hard to gain respect. The fact that Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter would actually pursue a career in porn was actually a little sad. That poor man. That poor girl. A sad and shocking situation all around.

1. Ashley Green

Twilight seem not to given her enough popularity, so Ashley decided to make some photos. As you imagine most of them are nude ones, actually all of them are nude, but most of the photos are taken off, Ashley’s lawyers did their job.


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